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Hair Pita Manga -First-
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I made a manga because I want you to know more about Kamipita in an easy-to-understand manner.

​ Since then, a sequel is being created.

This Kamipita manga is copyrighted. Downloading and using images are prohibited.
This Kamipita comic is copyrighted. Download and use of images are prohibited.
Hair Pita Movie -Kamipita Movie-

Please refer to the hair pita video for easier understanding of hair pita (Kamipita).

Hair accessories that stay tight, bun hair is also OK for hair pita!

We are also looking forward to posting videos of various hairstyle arrangements using hair pita.

​ Please include hair pita and Kamipita when posting the video.

If you post and contact us by email, we will give you the latest model of Hair Pita. email:

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